Spiritual Feng Shui


Based on Feng Shui tradition and philosophy, you can create an environment that anchors the vision of your heart’s desire and is supported by the Universal Laws of energy.

Each Bagua (specific areas in your house, office, building…) represents an aspect of your life. When the flow of energy is free from mental, physical and emotional obstacles positive manifestation begins.


  • Support the power of your intent and desire to manifest more health, joy, love, success, prosperity, and inner peace

  • Clear negative energy such as sadness, anger, grief

  • Keep the vital energy flow healthy and strong

  • Remind you with symbols the archetypes that influence your life

  • Bless all living members such as co-workers, employees, and clients from an office building

  • Household protection and blessing of children, animals friends, and plants

See Fend Shui Case Studies Below:

Cassandra: She is a young girl who was having trouble sleeping at night. She was terrified about the presence of ghosts in her home. She began showing signs of anxiety and had to sleep in her parent’s bedroom almost every night, which was also affecting their relationship. After a Feng Shui consultation and energy clearing of the home, I taught her a technique to protect herself. She now feels empowered and most importantly her sleeping has dramatically improved, allowing her to sleep in her own room and her parents in theirs. Her parent’s relationship has since improved as well.

A very successful Japanese woman working in finance asked me to Feng Sui her house to bring more harmony into her family. She felt very disconnected from her daughters and husband. Their relationships were distant, which made her feel sad and most days felt a huge lack of joy in her life, though professionally she was doing quite well, which to the outside world made her seem like she had everything.

She judged herself daily for not being a great mother in her mind. After the Fen Sui consultation and clearing of the negative energy, her relationship with her husband and family significantly improved and rather than feeling sad about her family relationships she now feels great joy.

Order Feng Shui


 Clearing energy and success blessings with Fabienne's spiritual Feng Shui up to 5 rooms such as bedrooms,  living room, garage, and covered patio.

The Feng Shui can be done on location within Orange County* or at a distance using Skype/Messenger.

* Additional charges for further distance on-location request.


“Fabienne’s soul paintings have a very distinctive and bold style. I love how her colors just come out of the painting beckoning you to understand why they are there. You feel the meaning in every brushstroke. It is clear that these images are of other worlds and other times that we all can tap into and you get just a little bit closer through Fabienne’s work. One of my favorite elements is how she captures and interprets angelic beings as splashes of color and light. Those are my favorites!”


—  Simone Chapman, 

       Editor & Graphic Designer