Making Choices

One of the reasons why making choices seams overwhelming or scary is because we are thinking in terms of permanent decisions. Besides having children, what have a lasting effect on our life, most decisions can be revised and changed. As long as you do not judge your choices, there is no need to feel guilty of not making a good decision. I believe that any direction, action you take follow a logic. Either it is a learning experience or a karmic wash. For example, getting married to someone that is not the right fit may result from a karmic debt or learning lesson. Failing in a business venture may be the opportunity for a complete life change for the best or a tool to become humbler, and resilient. There is no failure unless you give up learning from it and adjusting your strategy. This is why having a coach; a mentor is so important. An objective outsider with experience will support you and be resourceful to help you see the big picture of your personal evolution or business growth. If you think that you need help making any decision, I encourage you to experience first how to clear stress and fear. Register to my free online program introduction… In Light, Love and Gratitude, Fabienne. All Points lead to now! See you on the other side