Relationships With Young Adults

Comes a time when your child become adult and you need to readjust your communication to a completely new paradigm. You may still be an influencer in his life but only from the perspective of your personal life and behavior. Respecting your child autonomy without expectations or blame is essential to keep a healthy relationship with him. Often parents are confusing been caring with been controlling. For over 30 years practicing healing, coaching and spiritual counseling I often helped my clients and seminars students with their relationships with teens and young adults. I also have two young adults’ children myself with completely different personalities and destinies. I personally had my load of challenges and made many mistakes that taught me to be nonjudgmental, forgiving of myself and others, and to keep learning everyday with an open heart. Always remember that your child is both your mirror and greater teacher. If you feel that you can use some guidance or help to de-stress your relationships with your child or step children, stay tune for mindset tools coming your way in future articles and video. In Light, Love and Gratitude, Fabienne.