• Fabienne Marneau

What's Next For Me, 2020?

Topic: Spiritual Breakthrough to manifest your future, take control of your life rather than let life happen to you!

The beginning of each year brings us the opportunity to see what is really working for us and what is working against us. Fabienne Marneau, Healing Alchemist, Clairvoyant Soul Artist; Spiritual Counselor and Mindset Coach teach her clients how to overcome challenges and limitations to create clarity with purpose, self-confidence, and find directions for a healthy and successful tomorrow.

“What Is Next For Me, 2020?” step by step guideline transformational workshop will allow you to consciously redesign your future:

· Review of what you learned; where you have been with your personal year retrospection.

· Experience Emotional Release to let go of past hurt, feelings of failure or disappointment, burdens and negative thoughts that no longer serve you.

· Identify your big “Why”, a new purpose, more authentic and align with your present needs and desires.

· Understand your mind and how to make clearer choices. Learn how to transform what you want to change: love, family relationships, business or health. Retrain your brain for Positive Energy Habits. Become an effective Conscious Creator. Transform self-sabotage into successes, and learn how to re-frame and shift actions, emotions, and thoughts to higher frequency behaviors.

· Align your energy with your personal goals.

· Cultivate what you desire: opportunities, relationships, and wellness.

· Jump-start your energy with a Visionary Meditation to optimize your blessings and intents of abundance through this fantastic New Year. Welcome and receive the gifts of its new energy.

Bonus Gift: Register below and you will qualify to receive a complimentary 40 minutes one on one phone session as a gift to follow-up the seminar strategy.

Location: Awakenings, 25260 La Paz Road, Laguna Hills, CA 92653

When: Saturday, January 25th from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm

Booking: $40 at door, prepaid online is only $30 Register Here >>

Contact: Fabienne (949) 294-9893

Preparation: Please bring a pillow, blanket, notebook, a pen, and a big smile.

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