• Fabienne Marneau

Soul Signature - Colours & Scents

Do you know that our Soul can be perceived through colors and scents?

When using your soul as a source of wisdom to attune your inner-self to your aura and the scents that fit you energetically, you will feel more congruent with a sense of real wholeness.

Since everything is energy, it only makes sense to align the colors and perfumes that you are carrying daily with your true identity, your soul.

Creating your unique "Soul Signature" is like branding your self-image with more authenticity. The multiple benefits are feeling more comfortable within yourself, be more visible by others, standing out with originality and truth, stepping into your physical, emotional and spiritual power.

Using guided visualization, I can help you identify those colours or scents and then understand their values and purpose.

As a professional makeup artist, I can also demo natural semi-permanent makeup using your signature colours individually. You may also find and create your signature perfume using the same process while exposed to a variety of essential oil scents.

After your relaxing guided visualization, you will be able to select and purchase the makeups and perfumes that were revealed to you doing the hypnotic session.

Let’s the magic begin, having a creative, exciting, fun and meaningful experience!

Soul Signature individual session includes a self-hypnosis session and a makeover demo.

Contact: SMS (949) 294-9893 - fabienne@destinationharmony.com

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