• Fabienne Marneau

The Shadow Archetype

One of the most important self-discovery to open doors to self-love and forgiveness is to understand the existence and value of our own shadow. We as human-being are full of flaws and we make mistakes all the time. If anyone is acting as they are perfect, and openly judgmental of others, it means that they are far from being spiritually advanced. Buddha said: “There is no sins only lack of awareness”, and Christ asked his Father (God): “Forgive them, as they do not know what they are doing.”

Ignorance is the absence of light, love, and wisdom. Accepting who we are is facing the shadow that is also part of who we are. What we call awareness is not only to be conscious of the higher-self but to see what can be improved. Denying our flaws and weaknesses is counteractive to the evolution of our soul journey. We can compare ourselves to the iceberg visible above the water and hiding most of its volume underwater. If we ignore the underwater, what I call the shadow, of our personality, we cannot fully understand the meaning of our destiny.

Love can only be unconditional; meaning that self-love is to be able to embrace both archetypes of light and shadow within us. What helps us raise our consciousness are the choices that we make. Actions following purpose and intent are leading to freedom. This is why helping unconscious behavior and thoughts to surface without judgment and with compassion are beneficial to our mental and emotional wellbeing. Once peace and harmony are experienced, the body often releases physical symptoms of diseases or pain.

My life purpose is to promote in my workshops, retreats and one on one private sessions, more awareness around self-love, releasing karmic blocks and self-negative talk. Once able to experience unconditional love we can manifest effortlessly new creative possibilities of synchronicity for success, harmony, joy, and freedom.

Together we can create a brighter, safer and more joyful world, one step at the time, healing our own heart and mind.

The Time is Now!


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